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♥ Friday, November 13, 2009

I am #08, the greatest! Lol, joking :P
Ok i now super unhappy with the Daryl one ok.
How he can post so long w/o trying hard.
Then poor people like me try so hard also cant.
Ok lah, now i try to break his record ok!
O.O Lol, forget it no inspiration and i want watch my show show show.

Oh yah regarding his ahem little paragraph there, wanted to say that.
I already forgive her liao, now normal friends but not so good as last time.
I guess its the same for most of the girls :)

Really really love 2F alot, and i know most of you do too.
Hopefully, all of you do :)
Therefore, i really wish for 1 more almost full class outing.
It is the end of 2F'o9 after this year already, so can we have 1 more grand outing tgt?
Which will be the chalet. We will be organising 1 more time.
It will be around dec end, between 18-26 dec, so you will have time to think.
BUT, spaces are limited to 20 people.
So if you are CONFIRMED able to go, please tell Yentl/Lucia/Kahling.
We will not ask you all, if you want to go then tell us.
Please tell us if you CONFIRMED the date okay.
Dont like last time, make everyone pekchek -_-
o.o Not i type one i swear really really :P
Lol naggy. Ok i swear im so gonna beat Daryl's post.

Yentl: lostheaven-x@hotmail.com (Email to this) yentl-zx95@hotmail.com (MSN)
Lucia: lucia.27-@hotmail.com (Email & MSN)
Kahling: p3pp3rmiint-miint@hotmail.com (Email & MSN)
Please confirm with us before 15Dec okay ty :)

If this class chalet is successful i swear i swear we will organise alot of outings for us after 2009 ok i swear.
So please lah cooperate and help us ok tyyyyyyy :)

PS: Oh shit my post is not even half as long as Daryl's -.-

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Daryl here.

Posting result is out today. I believe most (or rather, all) of you have had your posting results. Some of you may be happy, some of you may not be happy. Personally for me i will be appealing. K this is not the main point of my post today.

We have come to an end of our secondary 2 life. We have been together for 2 years, going through good and bad, fun and angry times together. I believe these memories will stay etched in our mind forever. Some of you may want to join your sec3 class asap, as you dislike being a 2F-ian. Some of you may want our class to stay this way.

But believe it or not, we are all going up to sec 3, and time cannot be rewind-ed. All we can do is to keep the memories of these 2 years in our hearts forever, or forget it all together (if you want to). However, we have been a class for 2 years, and this is a fact that cannot ever be changed (Uhm unless someone invents a time machine?)

We have been through good and bad times. Idk how many of you still remember, but we won the greenest class award during sec1 orientation. We then won quite a few awards, including the first prize for CFN (cultural fiesta nite) tambourine dance competition. Then we came up to sec2, where we started to have our own desginated clique.

Then remember our camp? Those nights when we were forced to sleep, while some of us (boys) would play with torches in our dorms. I wasn't as lucky, as my bed was stained with soap (Long story~). But it was still enjoyable right? Kayaking, Repelling, Rock climbing, the high elements (Flying fox). Then there was meals we liked, and meals we hated. Example being, the first packet meal we had, which consisted of rice and vegetables, some of us had 2 fish, some of us had half a fish, but there was also nothing we could do about it XD Then it was our turn to clean up the dishes, i remember 2 groups (boys and girls) fighting with one another to collect rubbish. i even remember someone going inside the bin!

And the best laugh back then was when vanessa was jumping (trying to be taller than huijie) and knocked someone in the chin, causing him to spill his milo. Then there was the last nite, when we all didnt want the camp to end. Having campfires, with all the cheers, and we performed a very simple 1 as a class. I believe most of us still remember the first 3 verse of the cheer, XD And remember, when we had to bathe fast, and outside our cubicles were people yelling? Well, at least that happened for the boys.

Then there were also sad times. When miss fazlin had first came, we all resented her, all hated her, for her strictness. But we soon got used to it, and it became funny. Like, the class rules (written by daren) were more of miss fazlin's rules!!! And we all had our turn of getting laughed at / "bullied" by her. Anta was pinched, and erm, WHO'S OBAMA BARRACK? (p.s. i still dunno how spell his name LOL)

"What's the name of Sir Stamford Raffle's parents? Mr & Mrs raffles!" Then the whole class laughed

Then came ms chong. Once again, at first, we hated her for her poor teaching method. Though 3/4 of us failed hist, but who can we blame? We only had ourselves to blame, and thats for sure. Well, if 1/4 of the class could pass, WHY couldn't the 3/4? Though ms chong's teaching method wasnt very effective, but nevertheless she was a nice teacher =)

Before I would like to continue my post, I want to thank all those that have been our teachers, espcially the following (And i believe you would like to thank them too):
-Mr Guay Hansen; Thank you for helping us top the level for Phy!
-Ms Lee Ying Ying; you've been a great class mentor
-Ms christabel lim; wish you good luck in your career, regardless of what you work as =)
-Ms Fazlin; Miss you loads, do come back to visit kranji if you have the time =)
-English teachers (In my case, Ms tang); well, all of you didnt fare too badly for your english, right?
-Ms Vanitha; The teacher who is scared of disecting rats, and would run in the rain with his bro when they were young XD
-Ms wong yu wen; the maths teacher who managed to "tame" 2F and help us in our maths
-Mr Koh Tee Huat (Correct hor? LOL); the teacher who never gave up on 1F despite how noisy we were
-HE teachers
-Mr Yeo (not the vp lahor) (sec 1 hist/lit)
-Ms koh (Sec 1 geog)
-Ms chong (sec 2 hist)
-D&T teachers
-Oh, what's the name of that IT teacher of ours. gah forgot. But thank you!
-Our mother tongue language teacher (陈老师 in my case)
-Ms Tan (sec 2 chem), for helping us ace the level for our chem too =)
-Aesthetic teacher (Melvin in my case): Thanks for preparing us for CFN though we didnt perform in the end, you rock!
-Drama acting de teacher (Miss lim in my case)

ALL IN ALL, THANK YOU ALL TEACHER! (p.s. teachers i didnt tank, paiseh ar, i "forgot" about you)

Oh, and there were times when we hated ms lim lay yong for teaching us crap.

But well, all that i've mentioned is all that has made up 2F. Without any of the above happening, 2F would not be as enjoyable as it was/is.

Also, if you've realised, i've deleted the post on the chalets. Though the plan had failed, but our class spirit will never fail. Nevertheless, Thanks yentl (and her helpers), for @ least making an effort to plan.

"God didn't give us a heart to hate" - Anonymous
We were not given a heart to hate & resent - Me

Merely changed the god part, since not all of you are christians. Well, that is true. Why bear grudges. It doesn't help. Why'd you'd rather use your heart to hate and remember feuds, instead of using it to accept others & remember all the happy times we had together? I dare say, we definitely did not have more unhappy times than happy moments. I know many of us here dislike janson, as well as a few others. But, it's all over, all the hatred present should've already disappeared by now.

Well just to remind you all of a happy incident we had AS A CLASS with janson. YES, we HAD happy moments with him, though 99% of the time you all were frowning @ him.


Get it? =)

This 2F blog hasn't been very active for the pass 2 years, and I guess it would remain inactive ever after. But This blog is always here, just in case you want to come back and remember all the past memories we had, good or bad, as a class.

Every single one of us made up 2F, w/o anyone of us, 2F would never have the memories it had these 2 years.

Law of significance (don't worry it's not phy): One is too small a number to achieve greatness
Law of Mount Everest: As the challenge Escalates, the need for teamwork escalates

I hope all of you will work hard in sec3, prepare yourself for "O"s, get flying colours, do yourself and 2F proud, for afterall, we were a class before. Then, get into the jc/poly/institute (not mental institute though ^^) you aspire to be in, go to university if you can, and get a job you like, not just a job that gives you great pay. K i shall not go so far off topic

Here, I would like to thank all of you, one by one, and some of you with special credits / some of you with things i have things to say to
-Ihaa: Thanks for the card =)
-Atikah: Didn't really hang out much with you, so nothing much to comment on =X
-Wei En: Zai kid nia, results so ownage
-Yentl: Thanks for all the organising & leadership, & being the cameraman for our class events, you ownzx, and thanks for trying to plan class chalet
-Wanyan: Results improve liao wor! keep up the good work (why i sound like remarking in her report book?!?!), don't so quiet lah, speak up =)
-Lucia: Don't keep quarrelling w your parents lah, XD Remember what ms lee said that day during SL, =)
-Angela: Grow! k lah im jk. LOL. later i say liao you see all the taller 1 come tell me grow also -.- Good luck in your studies ;)
-Charmaine: Mai care too much about what others say about you, 听一听,改一改, 就可以了 =) (paiseh for typing in chn)
-Izzati: Thanks for laughing even my joke was cold (ROFL)
-Renuha: You bake nice things! XD
-Aishah: Emo.
-Zuqing: Zai kid
-Vanessa: Sad sia 2 years in a row class vice chair. LOL.
-Kahling: Anime freak -.-"
-Melissa: See, you got into double sci.
-Zongman: Another anime freak -.-" Mai quarrel w janson too much lah, if cannot tahan just ignore, 多一事不如少一事,少一事不如没有事 (自己加的) (ps for eng again
-Anta: SF pro
-Brendan: Guailan, LOL. Nice dude =D
-Zhihao: Speak more, ask if you dunno/dun understand
-Daren lim: noob chairman nia. LOL. mai addicted to dota lah. see now you hol must read book. mai addicted next year hor you. dont stupid stupid get yourself lousy marks. grow up liao still got dota 1 lahor. lol. Retarded (but funny) guy
-Edmund: Don't do stupid things k, not worth
-Jason: Eh want go eat yong tau foo bo. LOL. JK. lac boy. LOL. dont spam me on msn. LOL. funniest + guailan-est guy award goes to him =D dont worry too much about your parents lurh. good luck next year, will miss you (p.s. im not gay)
-Jiexiang: Soccer pro. LOL. Guailan pro also. 2nd to jason XD nice friend though =)
-Joshua: Perv pro. Retarded joke pro. Tio suan de pro. LOL. Dont so horny lah XD be more serious in lesson, listen, pay attention, and, work hard for sec3! =)
-Kashib: Pro boy also. as in, studies. lollol. keep up the good work in prefect-ing, paiseh for all the moments i guailan-ed you
-Triston: Talk more lah shuai ge, you wear formal suit so swee 1, in sch dont so sloppy lahor =X
-Janson: mai disiao girls, learn to control, dont seek attention, and you will be a much better guy.
-Weekiat: Same as zhihao, and try to put in use what you are good at (like drawing), stop reading doraemon comics that shows upskirt lah LOL
-Darren: Another guailan kia. LOL. but smart and fun. work harder for sec 3, you can de! another sf pro also btw
-Zaki: Fun guy, funny guy
-Junyi: NAGASAKI! (or is he hiroshima. i tabai mix up 1 LOL) stay cute and chubby and tall (no you should become shorter) and big sized XD
-Yuheng: Paiseh that time during aesthetic fight, i abit too rash, and stop trying to plan (to go escape). LOL. jk lurh. eh, next time try to check the date. LOL. suan you nia. fun guy.
-Huijie: Don't follow joshua's footstep, LOL. tall guy
-Isaac Tan Cher En
-Daryl Tan: ahhhhh the best guy in 2f lah. LOL. jk. i leave it up to you how you want to view me/speak about me as, i cant say anything about myself LOL.
-Isaac Tan Yu Run: ZAI KID. ALL OF A SUDDEN FROM SEC 1 SAME POSITION AS ME BOOM UP TO FIRST IN LEVEL! but nice work, do 2F proud XD zai kid, fun kid, good @ sports also, role model (imo), good characted also. keep up the standard =)

So here's the 41 of us that makes up 2F. And paiseh ihaa, alot of the things i've mentioned is actually 1F thing, so if you don't get it can ask me or some other peeps, haha.

Some other last things i want to mention before I end this post,

Sometimes though someone has done something wrong, but give them a chance, a chance to repent. Sometimes they may have their reasons, although you might say no matter that their reasons are, but it's wrong for them to do that, but, try giving them a chance, dont deem them as "no good" just based on this once without giving them another chance. Girls, most of you should know what i mean.

So this is all i have to say (as i lost my inspiration as i typed, ~.~), good luck to all of you next year, remember, once a 2F-ian, Always a 2F-ian

Fun/Family/Fantastic/Friendship - 1F'08, 2F'09

P.S. Pardon me for my eng, haha ;)

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♥ Friday, August 7, 2009
Happy National Day!

okok.. one huge jump from july to august!

Sooo we had our National Day celebrations today!
too much red @.@ haha but only abt half the class wore red
and the girls are wearing class tee.. Why am I saying this?
you should know rite? You're not aunties and uncles...
Or are you??

After the National Day message thing-y is the activities:
stamp stamp and
places in Singapore(MY ISLAND HOME)

den after that was the class decor!
Which was the highlight of the day!
SOOOO FUN rite??? We arranged the tables: "NDP 09"
and then some of us went to make collage thing-y
Because the theme of the class decor design competition
is "Come together"
we cut out ppls faces from newspapers and made collages!

and then blablabla made a huge mess..CLEANED IT UP LATER!
some girls and guys went to do the poster
the theme is "All Things Beautiful in S'pore"
and then listened to the new National Day Song
(which in my opinion is not tht nice)

So after the class decor, we were dismissed!
Tada! end of the day! byebye! Go home and sleep!
Got long long holiday! HURRAY!!!

but the sad thing is that theres no parade this year
becuz of H1N1 and the fact tht there were not enough trainings for the parade
so nvm. On 9 August be sure to watch the NDP on tv! and recite the pledge
at 8:22pm


anyone who wants to view the photos taken by Yentl
go to: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=30513&id=1483014106&l=afdfc1d342

Have a Happy National Day!


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♥ Thursday, July 9, 2009

So sorry for the late post abt CCA days...
It was last week rite?
oh well better late than never!

St. John Day

NCC day:
Correct me if I'm wrong..
NCC is 108 years old rite?
Our class got a lot of NCC ppl
you should know who they are...
But becuz of h1n1 cannot gather at parade square..
never mind...next year still have!

SAF day:
I was reading the malay newspaper that day..
and 1 huge page got put SAF day...
Singapore Armed Forces
Army, Navy, and Air Force

St. John day:
I was told that it was on 24 June
But since that was still during the holidays,
St. John ppl celebrated it on the same day of NCC day?
I think so...
You have done the sch proud by obtaining GOLD for overall unit acheivement award
clap clap clap


K now on to serious business!

Click to enlarge picture!
How many of you lost this pamphlet???
gd thing I still have...MUAHAHAHA

I've heard rumours of Regent Secondary School with their first H1N1 case
but these are just RUMOURS from a friend of mine...
Don't panic ok ppl?
just be extra careful...

OK take care 2F!


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♥ Sunday, June 28, 2009

ALOHA, here to post.
Tomorrow! Announcement! Must go to school!
LOL, like you all dunno lithat.
Ok, since vanessa asked somebody to post, i shall post.
Vanessa! My name is not somebody.
Don't diao me, you.
Ok. To the main point.
PLEASE BRING $18 for class tee!


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♥ Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hi people. I dunno how this post will look like on the com cos my computer is abit sot-sot for the moment and yeah.
IT SUCKS. nehmind, i shall bear with it.
Ok, let's start randoming!
10 points to share.

#1: Even though american idol is over like..long time ago, i'm still moaning over kris allen's victory.

#2: I love adam lambert although he is a gay. He rocks. C'mon, how in the world did kris win? He's not 1% hot of adam lorh. He's short, and he has a wife! AHH!

#3: Was it nicole? Dunno, but the person said fergie's a homosexual. And i still don't believe it, although she say until so serious. FERGIE LEY!

#4: Why am i writing all this?

#5: Yesterday mr guay said that according to my MYE results, i am eligible to go to double science and triple! YEAH! Heh-heh. Sorry. I boast.

#6: I miss netball training alot alot. HAH, i only missed one training so far. I hope my ankle gets better.

#7: I don't know what's gonna be tested in chinese oral, and i'm so gonna fail it. I speak chinese words, but i don't talk in chinese sentences. The only time you will hear mr speaking pure chinese is...well, never.

#8: I am wondering whether i should watch my SCV, and make huifang jealous. Kehehe.

#9: My birthday is still so far away. And btw, i'm the third youngest in class, and the youngest among the girls. I know you are saying, " SO?" Yeah, you know how i know? I'm saying that to myself. I'm telling you things you people don't care about.

#10: Let me tell you a lame lame lame joke that i told huifang on the phone yesterday. She guessed it correctly with a little bit of clues from me. Iya, i'll just type out the convo.

ME: What did the ghost say to the bee?
Me: Almost there. THINK! THINK! THINK!
Me: TING TING TING! Correct!

The answer is BOO-BEE. Get it? Get it? you won't get it if you don't understand the meaning of boobie. I'm being in my sick-side.

LOL. Bet this post made you pissed and confused? Yeah, i told ya i was bored.(:
I actually wanted to post up the whole class the personalized name on shirt. You know? The piece of paper passed around on thurs, asking you to write what name you want on your class tee? Yeah. But i dunno why i posted what i posted.
Anyway, have fun being bored during holidays!


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♥ Sunday, May 24, 2009

hi. daryl here. lol. boliao, came here to post about horoscopes. some of you might know, some of you might not know. there are now 13 horoscope signs. it's not "proven", but i think 99.9% is true lah. lol. the previous 12 horoscopes were determined like 2000years ago, and now after so many years the stars have moved and there are now 13 constellations. ok nvm if you dont understand. just some random post. LOL. so here are the dates,

Tropical (12): March 21 - April 20
Sidereal (13): April 19 - May 13

Tropical: April 21 - May 21
Sidereal: May 14 - June 20

Tropical: May 22 - June 21
Sidereal: June 21 - July 19

Tropical: June 22 - July 22
Sidereal: July 20 - August 10

Tropical: July 23 - August 22
Sidereal: August 11 - September 15

Tropical: August 23 - September 23
Sidereal: September 16 - October 29

Tropical: September 24 - October 23
Sidereal: October 30 - November 22

Scorpius (Or scorpio):
Tropical: October 24 - November 22
Sidereal: November 23 - November 29

Tropical: N/A
Sidereal: November 30 - December 17

Tropical: November 23 - December 21
Sidereal: December 18 - January 18

Capricornus (Or capricorn):
Tropical: December 22 - January 20
Sidereal: January 19 - February 15

Tropical: January 21 - February 19
Sidereal: February 16 - March 10

Tropical: February 20 - March 20
Sidereal: March 11 - April 18

ok so for those of you who dont understand, tropical = old 1 = 12 horoscopes, sidereal = new 1= 13 horoscopes. these dates i get from is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BR8Xoxx2UTs de. for those of you who dont know chinese, just look at the board, the arrangement is like what i have posted. watch from about 3.20mins plus minus. lol. and this is on wiki also. here ---> link supposedly, the characteristics of the new 1 is almost alike the old sagitarius. oh btw, the dates on wiki and the vid is diff because on wiki they do not include the dates of the new horoscopes. btw everything is not confirmed, so the dates might changed, and maybe diff source might be diff dates. but going by this 1, im a taurus (old) and an aries. lol. but personally, i feel taurus' characteristics are closer to mine. what about you? lol. so, thats all bahs. bye~

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The fanatics.

Chua Wei En
Jayne Pan Ting
Yentl Lee
Len Wanyan
Loh Hui Xian
Lucia Lim
Angela Mak
Charmaine Neo
Nicole Teng
Nur Izzati
Renuha S.
Tan Zu Qing
Tey Hui Fang
Vanessa Aw Yong
Yeo Kah Ling
Melissa Yik
Yu Zongman
Benjamin Chin
Brendan Loke
Chan Zhi Hao
Daren Lim
Edmund Seah
Jason Foo
Goh Jie Xiang
Joshua Alec Dolton Jones
Triston Khoo
Janson Lim
Lim Wee Kiat
Darren Loh
Ng Jun Yi
Siew Yu Heng
Sim Hui Jie
Isaac Tan Cher Ern
Daryl Tan
Tan Yu Run Isaac
Be talkative.
Don't try spamming please.

fulfilled it shall be.

Ms Fazlin come back ! ):
Peace and joy eveyday.
Be good friends.
2-eff class tee.:)
Class top in cohort.

Thank You.
Go backstage.

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